The Superb Love!

Love Allah

14 thoughts on “The Superb Love!”

  1. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.
    I like your website and approach.
    But I am surprised to see in blog Reader that I have liked a post EVEN THOUGH i didn’t click the like button by myself.
    Since I noticed this many times over the past few days, I am not able to understand how this is happening. Wallaahu ‘Alam.


  2. Dear brother, there is a function in WordPress you can use to reschedule any old past post to re-post it again and maintaining the number of likes and the comments you had received before.You liked it before in July 28, 2013 and left two comments, please read your old comments in the post.It is a pleasure to chat with you.

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  3. Some of us follow a path of faith dictated by our parents, some of us go looking and find our path. Some of us search high and low and find the religion of love. Loving the Beloved and showing the world kindness, gentleness, joy, patience, compassion and peace. Peace to all of us today and everyday. Hugs, Barbara


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